Andrew Christian Active Slim Collection: Lightening and enhancing men’s underwear

Are you in the market for a slim fit and cut back? What about face enhancement? It is very difficult to find men’s clothing products that solve many issues at once. In fact, it may be true that there are no other products on the market, such as the Andrew Christian Active Slim Collection. Available in boxers and shorts, this underwear allows you to lower your waist by a few inches and add a few inches where you want it all at once!

All underwear in this collection has a 7-inch wide waistband in the construction. They do not call this the “extreme body shape” – the purpose of an extra wide waistband is to remove unwanted abdominal swelling up to two inches from your middle body. If you are having trouble getting the waistline you want, this is a product that will help you achieve your goal – at least visually. The technology embedded in this underwear gives the V-shape one is looking for – at an affordable price, to get started. There are two styles in the motion picture set – the style with Flashback technology comes with loading enhancement features, and the other style features the popular Show-It technology to add a few inches to your face measurements.

Active Slim with Flashback technology

The construction of this slim underwear features support for an unobtrusive flash boot built into the underwear. With the addition of this technology, your underwear will automatically raise your cheeks a few inches higher, making your bottom look fuller and rounder. Both sexes love to see strong, sturdy seats and active crown underwear. It pays close attention to what you want. With Flashback technology, you can expect to add a full 2 ‚Äč‚Äčinches to your hips with these underwear.

Active Slim with Visual-IT technology

Andrew Christian is best known for his underwear with show-it technology. One thing you should know is that these underwear does not add anything to your face measurements. Instead, it does build up the package you already have. It is called “Comp Coff” sewn into underwear. It works by gently lifting and wrapping your package to make it stand out. The result is a 1.5-inch visual cue added to your front dimensions.

Men’s underwear with more than one disability is a rare find, but Andrew Christian does the job. Happy customers will love this product when it is completely undetectable under your clothes. Materials are comfortable and breathable when you provide the shapes you need.

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