HiTi 510Si Wireless Printing Solution

In collaboration with HiTi WFT510 Transmitter, we tested a new device that will allow fast wireless printing from your camera – HiTi 510Si Photo Printer.

We were amazed at how easy it was for us to set up and take pictures, select the photo we wanted and continue shooting for print.

Haiti’s direct wireless printing solution allows users to transfer images from a PBJJ digital camera to a photo printer wirelessly. This allows the photographer to move around when he takes a photograph and sends selected photos to print, and the printer does not take the photographer’s time while working independently. This solution combines HiTi WFT510 transmitter and HiTi P510Si independent package photo printing with wireless functionality.

Haiti 510 C Wireless Photo Printer Haiti WFT510 is now the only wireless photo transmitter designed to work with PPPG-compatible digital cameras on the market and has proven itself by winning the DIMA 2009 Innovative Digital Product Award.

We’ve heard a lot of good things from many of our photographers who bought the HTi510Si printer and the WFT 510 transmitter to print their photographs at events across the country. We’ve been frustrated with complex systems like Wi-Pics in the past, and we didn’t expect this system to work so well, easily, and best of all at such a discount (printer + transmitter now costs you about $ 1500 in our imagepro.biz store ).

Creating and importing digital frames and logos directly to the printer was of great interest to our customers, as well as being able to print directly from the card reader and the “3.6” LCD screen. Eliminating the need to drag a laptop to the event, the printer weighs just 30 pounds, giving it excellent mobility to keep up with the technology.

Haiti WFT510

The transmitter printer has a variety of media sizes to meet a wide range of needs – 4×6, 5×7, 6×8 or 6×9 images.

The printer also comes with 4 software bundles for free.

• eFrame Converter – can easily read and use digital frames or logos you created as TIFF files as HTT photo templates.

• EventDesiree Deluxe – For users who want to print multiple photos within a specified time frame.

• ID Creator – Many simple ID formats and templates.

• IDQuickDesiree – Allows you to easily print passport or ID photos.

By installing the WFT510 kit integrated with WFT510, users can also transfer image information directly to a computer, further enhancing the flexibility of the kit. The HiTi WFT510 comes at an affordable price and allows consumers to enjoy wireless transmission over their digital cameras, just like high-end LEDs.

We believe that the HiTi P510Si with integrated wireless technology and direct wireless printing capability, light weight and extensive media will provide the most convenient and cost-effective printing method for event photographers.

This was from Image Pro Frederick, thanks for reading!

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