Race car brake blur! What is the cause? Technical session

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A few weeks have passed since my last article, and this is due to the fact that he has been very busy delivering motorport parts to some of the leading race groups and developing many new transport products for you. All in all, let’s get down to the basics. What is brake blur?

Brake fractures are completely scary and frightening, but I guarantee you will encounter them in your race at some point.

After reading this article, you will understand why it happened and what happened. Normally, there are two types of braking, brake oil, and brake pads.

Brain fluid boiling

This is the most common type of braking, caused by the brake fluid and the brake fluid that is heated to the brake fluid. This heat dissipation eventually seeks out the brake fluid that causes the air bubbles, which are compressed when the pedal is pressed. The strong connection from the main cylinder to the caliper collided with the compressed air.

Sometimes in extreme cases the brake pedal goes to the floor and never stops and does not provide braking! The only way to bring the brakes into working order is to allow the brake fluid to cool. This is especially difficult in the race area when pushing the car to the limits. However, there are techniques that can help, and I will talk about them later in this article.

Excessive heating of the brake pads

Another reason for braking is the fact that the brakes are again heated by the heat dissipation caused by the collision during strong braking. In this case, the brake pads become too hot, and the clutch will fail. WHAT HAPPENS The temperature of the floorboards, which are designed to be used, has risen. When this happens, the gas in the containers is boiled in them, this gas not only evaporates, it forms a layer on the surface between the pad and the disk / rotor.

When this happens, the cover acts as a softener, so the coating does not create the braking needed to delay the car. In this case, the pedal will be normal, but even if you push the pedal, the car will not stop as usual.

What should you do when you have a brake?

Both of these conditions are due to the heat in the brake system, the only solution is to cool the system. As I mentioned earlier, that is especially difficult when you drive in a race to the limit. However, in both cases, the brakes cannot be driven to the limit.

There are a few ways to slow down the brakes without affecting your speed.

Braking too late for corners is not a good practice, as this can cause temperature problems and you will not get much time. Therefore, your angle braking speed is as high as usual until you brake a little earlier.

When braking is low, the temperature is lower and your brakes will be cooler to reduce the problem. The goal is to keep the brakes as low as possible to keep the heat out of the brake system and to allow air to flow through the brakes.

If you have a place where you can’t use the brakes on the race track and it slows down a bit or a combination from the creator and a little bit of pressure will help to slow down the system.

I hope you find this enjoyable, thank you for your time.

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