Technology and the age of exploration

Advances in technology, heroic journeys, and exploration have made tremendous strides toward modern times. Modern technology has helped shipwrecks, such as the Compass, to reach their destination. Like Gil Anne’s short, but trek-like journey across the Green Sea, the bold journeys of many men were astonishing. During the exploration, many important people decided to go beyond their means, such as Ferdinand Magellan, touring the earth.

Many significant technological improvements have been made during the exploration period. Initially, the sailors’ caravans, caravans, Latin sails, and two radars were designed by Prince Henry. The compass, which is part of every trip, has been improved over the years. To prepare for their voyage, Prince Henry’s voyage required astrology. Improved maps were part of the technology revolution and were used to find their destination.

Also, the journeys of many important people were amazing. Gail Annes’ short crossing of the Green Sea was short, but he was the captain of the first successful voyage in the ocean. The most famous trip to Columbus was a trip to Native Americans who never knew it was America. Vasco de Gama’s travels were very important, as he had embarked on a long and arduous journey. Magellan’s remote inspection was one of the most celebrated trips of all time, as it was not very successful and some of the staff did it.

Finally, the wonders of this age decided to go beyond their means. The sailor Prince Henry was a man who decided to make certain people and some technology an integral part of history. Guil Anne, a Portuguese naval hero, is the man of the day who broke the fears of the Green Sea. Both Columbus and Vasco de Gamma are giants who have made great strides in history. In the end, Magellan is one of the most outstanding talents of this generation, along with one of the greatest of all.

To sum up, many significant achievements have been made during this period. Old technologies have been adapted for critical numbers of successful journeys throughout their lives. During this voyage and renovation, there were people who were honored during this time. The search period was a great success for those who were respected at the time.

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