ABSTRACT The greed for money will make people commit Haynes crimes, for a 46 yr old Dutch women from the Netherlands was a motive to become a serial killer. Maria Catherina Swanenburg had love for money where she killed her parents, family members and other vulnerable people she cared for by poisoning with arsenic poison. Swanenburg was known as Vin der Linder by family and friends. She was a very affectionately given the nick name of “ Goeie Mie “ which means in Dutch “ Good Me “. She was given that nick name which she got by taking care of children and sick, fragile people in the neighborhood.
Maria Catherina was born September 9, 1839 in the Netherlands. Swanenburg was the daughter of Clemens Swanenburg and Johanna Dingjon. It was speculated that after the deaths of her first two daughters she became heartless. Maria began her killing spree by poisoning her parents in 1880. She was able to keep their life insurance as well as the inheritance. However that opened up more greed for money.
So she began poisoning the people she was caring for, she would mix the arsenic with the food or drinks of her victims. She would insure them and then poison them. Her rational was that she deserved to keep the inheritance as well as the life insurance money because she cared for these poor ill people.
Swanenburg became bolder over time. The money she collected was just not enough for her. However she didn’t have a chance to spend any of the money because she continued to poison people and collect more money. Maria was becoming a predator of sick, elderly and helpless people and children who she continued to prayed on to collect money. It was suspected she has killed 90 people however investigations showed that 27 people actually died and 45 survived but were crippled for life. She continued to kill for more than eighteen years. She knew if she would insure her victims the insurance companies would have to pay in case of illness…

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