Language, characterization, and humor are necessary to be analyzed in drama, because from the language we can see the characterization from each character. How a character speaks also reveals intelligence, humor, etc.
1. Abbie: The dialogue on the Part I, Scene 4 between Ebben and Abbie reveals that Abbie is materialistic. Abbie is telling the truth to Ebben that she got married with Cabot is only because she wanted the farm, and the house.
Ebben: “The price he’s payin’ ye—this farm—was my Maw’s, damn ye!—an’ mine now!”
Abbie: “We’ll see ‘bout that! Waal—what if I did need a hum? What else’d I marry an old man like him fur?”
Eben: “I’ll tell him ye said that!”
Abbie: “(smiling) I’ll say ye’re lying’ a-purpose—an he’ll drive ye off the place!
Eben: “Ye devil!”
Abbie: ”(defying him) This be my farm—this be my hum—this be my kitchen!”
Eben: ”Shut up, damn ye!”
(Part I, Scene Four)
2. Cabot: Cabot is an old man who loves his farm with a greedy passion. We can see from the dialogue between Abbie and Cabot in Part Two, Scene 1.
Abbie: “So ye’re plannin’ t’ leave the farm t’ Eben, air ye?”
Cabot: “(dazedly) Leave…? (then with resentful obstinacy) I hain’t a-givin’ it t’ no one!”
Abbie: “(remorselessly) Ye can’t take it with ye.”
Cabot: “(thinks a moment—then reluctantly) No, I calc’late not. (after a pause-with a strange passion) But if I could, I would, by the eternal! ‘R if I could, in my dyin’ hour, I’d set it afire an’ watch it burn—this house an’ every ear o’corn an’ every tree down t’ the last blade o’ hay! Id sit an’ know it was all a-dying with me an’ no one else’d ever own what was mine, what id made out o’ nothin’ with my own sweat ‘n’ blood!3. Ebben: Ebben is not opinionated. We can say that because in the beginning Ebben really hates Abbie. In the middle of the story, the ‘hate’ turned into a ‘love’ and they had a son. After that, Ebben hates Abbie again, because he thought that Abbie fooled her by having a son with him and…

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