ENG 121
February 20, 2013

Throughout the years, women have served in many different roles of the military. The more dominant roles have been medical, legal, and administration. Are women capable of surviving in a combat situation? Some might. I do not have a definite answer to this question because it mixes equality with personal assumptions.
Within the last twenty years are so, women have made their voices heard as being equal counterparts to men. They have broken the old traditional mold of being the happy housewife who had the responsibility of only taking care of the children and the household duties. Women have emerged as more than personal chefs, maids, and physicians to their children and husbands. Even though women have served in many military roles, the combat zone is not one.
The physical and mental strength needed to perform on the front lines are far from the emotional and sensitive makeup of most women. To be honest, even some men lack the physical and mental strength.
Placing women in the combat zone will give terrorist and other political threats to the United States a new target to weaken our forces. The moral of the mission would be lost which would cause a distraction in the focus and stability of the men. The chances of inappropriate relationships, sexual harassment, and unexpected pregnancies will also have an effect of women in the combat zone. Some military servicemen may feel a sense of unfairness if special treatment is provided or if punishment is lenient and served appropriate.In recent news, a military advisory commission is recommending that the pentagon do away with a policy that bans women from serving in combat units, breathing new life into a long-simmering debate. In my opinion, the decision of women in combat should be decided by the women serving in active duty. The…

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