Christianity vs Logic

Versilis Tyson
Commentary Essay
Logic vs. Christianity
“We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.” (Dawkins, p. 150)
Theism as a whole has shaped the world ethically, politically, and morally since the dawn of humanity. Only recently has new ideas about the way the world works, how it was created, and our meaning to the complex concept of the cosmos has been conjured and brought about by science, technology, progressive thinking, and philosophers.
As these new, objective ideas become deeply rooted and ingrained in our society, new ideas are brought about, such as atheism. “Atheism is a conclusion reached by the most reasonable methods and one which is not asserted dogmatically but is explained in its every feature by the light of reason. The atheist does not boast of knowing in a vainglorious, empty sense. He understands by knowledge the most reasonable and clear and sound position one can take on the basis of all the evidence at hand. This evidence convinces him that theism is not true, and his logical position, then, is that of atheism. He asserts…he doesn’t believe in a God because he has no good reason for believing in a God. That’s atheism — and that’s good sense.” (Julius, p. 1)

The philosophical viewpoint of atheism has exponentially grown over the course of the last century; accordingly, the proponents of the opposing concept of theology have been well aware of the fact and existence of atheism.
Christianity, the largest religion in the world with over 2.2 billion followers, emphatically opposes the idea of atheism. (Hinnells, p. 441) Also, being 73% of the majorities viewpoint in America, it is a great obstacle to atheists in America. (“None’s on the Rise”)
In my own viewpoint, I believe the ideas in Christianity are not only logically invalid and ill-conceived, but the notion of Christianities’ god has…

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