Section 1: Evaluation Essay
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What is happinessWhat happiness is but from the past up to now everybody has look for and wanted to get it? It is defined in the Vietnamese dictionary that: “happiness is comfortable stale because of getting what we want”, each person has a definition about happiness but in my opinion happiness can be summarized in a sentence: “happiness is to have some work to do, have someone to love and have something to hope”.
To have work to do is one of three factors to become happy, you imagine someone who has all things he doesn’t have to work to afford himself or his family, all day he only eats, sleeps and plays, day by day the same his life will be very bored, Sometimes, this free time itself can make him make evils, today, many rich pupils, students who get much money from parents don’t care about study or work and after that they may be involved in addiction or other social evils, etc. there is a poster next to my house, every day he has to work hard until it is dark he just comes back home to have dinner with his family, But one day he said to me that he is very pleased with his job because he thinks he make something good for his own family, Indeed, there is some work to do and we like it, it is happiness, Once in a newspaper an American millionaire’s father Bill Gates said that “Money only makes furniture or comfort but work make happiness”,
Does love make happiness? It is sure that there are many people among us answering “yes”, When we were small we might love the rampart of bamboos in the village or the rice field where after coming back home from school we used to make holiday with our friends and we felt happy, When we grow older we love our grandparents, father and mother very much, we love everyone around us but I ‘d like to mention to love between men and women right now Romeo and Juliet is still a symbol of true love, Both of them kill themselves to keep happy state in love each other. That is Romeo and…

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