Grandpas Story

Grandpas Special Story

Bed time at grandma and grandpas was a special time for me. I never had my own room there but, I did look forward to staying in my grandmas room. My grandma kept her room so pretty complete with pink wall. Everywhere you looked a pretty little porcelain doll looked back. On her dresser she had rows of different colored avon lotion bottles. It seemed like she had a necklace for every outfit that she had in her closet. The quilt on her bed was pink flowers pieced together all in their own little quilted square. She would pull it back every night and just sleep under the sheets. I would get under the cold and silk like sheets and get all snuggled up just in time for my grandpa to come in for my story.
“The river was quiet that day.” Grandpa finally said when he came in to tell me the story that I loved to hear him tell. I settled into my soft pillows with excitement once I knew that he was going to tell me the story. Grandpa sat on the edge of the bed quietly waiting for me to get comfortable. His voice was always soft spoken showing his unforgettable patience. He always sat with his legs crossed and, his fingers were always clasped together while resting on his higher knee. He always wore a white tee shirt with light colored jeans and he wore a ruby ring on his right hand at all times. He always told good stories most of them were things that really happened. This story he was about to tell me was one that I will never in my life forget. To me the story was scary because it was as true as the nose on my face.
My grandma and grandpa married when they were fifteen and seventeen years old. Grandma’s uncle Bill came to visit every year he was seventeen also. When he came to visit fishing was their favorite thing to do and they did it a lot. Grandpa softley continued “ They only sounds I heard was the running water and our lures hitting the water.” They had many fishing spots but their…

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