Power of Love and Relationships

The Power of Love and Relationships
PSY 301
February 04, 2014The Power of Love and Relationships As the old saying goes, love makes the world go around; attraction, excitement, adoration, respect, dignity, humbleness, veracity, and yes, persistence are applicable to such an emotion. However, love has a vast array of meanings, each of which social psychologists constantly study in groups of or more than one person doing or saying things connected with love and/or relationships, like those we have with friends (Feenstra, 2011). When love and friendship contain genuine affection, giving, and compromise, they maintain power and constancy. Two or more people, or things, thoughts, objects, in some way are the connections that keep life moving along, be they for the good, bad or ugly. The last adjectives in the latter sentence construe that change is part of relationships, and not always wonderful. Copiously ingrained in any culture is the need to go out with, talk to, look for, have families with, and by means of closely living and growing among or distant from each other, form relationships, either tight or very casual. Sometimes relationships fluctuate, or we lose them. Needing each other is a way to belong within society, through bonds of some sort The perception that others do not love or care about us may bring on depression, loneliness, anger and other negative emotions, along with states of physical and cognitive deprivation. All of the above equals the incorporation of emotional attraction to other people, why we hang around with them or not, and might have to disappear from a relationship altogether. Hence, for obvious reasons, whatever makes relationships so complex, their types, and descriptions of what kind of love is involved are the focal points within this essay; the curiously intricate powers of love and attraction.
Do you love your children, pet, spouse,…

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